Give me your heart
Give me your hand
Give me your solitude
Give me a grand
Give me your love
Give me a pill
Give me another
And then send me the bill

Write me a song
Sing me a line
Write me your autograph
Give me a sign
Show me your love
Give me a thrill
Will you still love me
When I’m over the hill?

Give me food
Give me shelter
Give me somewhere to lay
Give me sunshine
Give me glory
Give me every single day
Give me rivers
Give me mountains
Give me peace
Give me trees
Cos the worlds so full of wonder
That you fall down on your knees

Give me a smile
Talk with me awhile
Show me your plan
Do it if you can
Believe in yourself
And everything you say
Are you dreaming of the seaside
On a cold and rainy day

And if your feeling lost
And if your feeling slow
Feeling pretty lonely
And you got nowhere to go
And if you like my song
And if you really know
Don’t read too much into it
Its only rock and roll